With the development of modern building technology, people increasingly prefer versatile and affordable architectural elements. We present our affordable and quality canopies from PVC.

Canopies PVC excellent protection from the sun, rain and snow. It works beautifully with almost any architectural style and are suitable for both suburban and apartment buildings, and office buildings.

More recently, an integral part of canopies and awnings were heavy forged design - beautiful, but expensive. Our company uses in manufacturing canopies modern German equipment, high-quality plastic, glass and polycarbonate. Canopies made of PVC, manufactured in our factory using the integrated light transmitting cover Covers, have no foreign odor and have high wear resistance (service life up to 40 years). In addition, the unlearned person does not notice the difference between the canopies created by technology Covers, and the usual metal. So, you have the opportunity to purchase a stylish decoration and save considerably!

Window awning
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